Tplinkrepeater Login

TP-Link extenders are amazing devices used worldwide for their excellent performance and wireless coverage. It communicates with the home router to strengthen the router’s network range. This device has a user-friendly web interface i.e. which allows you to set up the device efficiently and to extend the network. With this device, you can easily remove the dead spots from your smart home. Through TP-Link Extender Setup, the user can expand the network range of the home WiFi. 

Instructions for TP-Link Extender Setup through

Go through the below instructions step-by-step for TP-Link extender setup by using

  • Firstly, unbox your TP-Link repeater. After that, plug-in your extender into the electrical outlet.

  • Ensure that you have placed the extender closer to the router and the electrical outlet.

  • Thereafter, set up the TP-Link modem to connect with the appropriate wireless network.

  • Step 4: Switch on your TP-Link repeater and wait for some time until the power LED light will start flashing and becomes stable.

  • Next, you have to choose your connection type to connect with the TP-Link router.

  • To connect the computer to the wireless network, choose from a wired or wireless connection method. If you want better connectivity then it is recommended to choose the wired connection rather than a wireless network connection 

  • Cross-check that your computer is not connected to any of the networks. 

  • If you want to establish a wired connection then use an Ethernet cable to connect your extender to the computer. 

  • In case, you have selected a wireless connection then connect your TP-Link extender to the default SSID to connect with the wireless password. 

Quick Steps for TP-Link Extender Setup with WPS Button

TP-Link Extender Setup is a very simple task using the WPS button. Before starting the setup process, ensure that you have placed the repeater nearer to the router and in the same room. Here are the steps for your extender setup:

  • Firstly, reboot your router and modem.

  • Once rebooting is completed, plugin your TP-Link extender nearer to the router.

  • After that, press the WPS button located on your router.

  • Also, press the WPS button on repeater within the one minute.

  • After pressing the WPS button on the extender and router, it will take some time to configure the TP-Link repeater. 

  • Once the configuration is completed, unplug the repeater and plug-in again into a different location where you want to place it. 

TP-Link Extender Setup Using Tether App

Through TP-Link Extender Setup, you can eliminate the dead zones from your smart home and boost the range of the wireless network. The TP-Link range extender is easy to set up and requires less effort. The tether app allows you to manage the TP-Link network through your mobile phone.

  • Firstly, ensure that you have placed the TP-Link extender nearer to the wireless router. Plug-in your device into the power socket.

  • After that, download the Tether app from your mobile phone. Ensure that you have installed the latest available version of the Tether app on your device. 

  • Thereafter, connect your mobile phone to the TP-Link wireless network. You will easily find the default SSID or network name on the label attached to the TP-Link device.

  • Open the Tether app and tap on the “Get Started”. Choose the TP-Link product. Enter the login information for your TP-Link repeater device. 

  • In the next step, the Tether app will show you the list of all the wireless networks available nearby. Choose the SSID or network name of your router and enter the passcode of your chosen network. 

  • Next, the app will ask you to change the network name or SSID and the security key for your WiFi network. Click on the “Save” button.

  • At last, click on the “Done and Finish” button to complete the TP-Link Extender Setup process.

Resolve Tplink Extender Setup Issues

Procedure for Tplinkrepeater Login through

To initiate the tplinkrepeater login through a web browser, you are required computer/laptop/mobile phone to configure the device. Ensure that before starting the process of tplinkrepeater login, you should have the SSID and passkey of your router. Look at the below steps to do the same:

  • Open a web browser from your connected device. Type in the URL bar of the web browser. Click on the enter button. 

  • Now, you will be redirected to the tplinkrepeater login webpage where you are required to enter the default login credential details of your extender.

  • You will easily find the default username and password for your TP-Link extender in the user manual that comes along with it.

  • Enter the username and password on the webpage. Tap on the login button to get access to the setup webpage.

  • Hit on the Quick Setup option and then click on the Next button to proceed further.

  • Now, you have to follow the instructions displayed at the TP-Link Extender Setup wizard. 

  • Click on the Wireless tab and select the range extender option under the Operation Mode.

  • Hit on the Search button in order to scan for all the available networks nearby you.

  • Now, you have to select the network of your router from the displayed list. Tap on Connect.

  • Enter SSID or network name and passcode under the wireless tap for your TP-Link range extender.

  • At last, select a strong security encryption key like WPA-PSK/WPA-2PSK.

Common Issues with TP-Link Extender Setup

Look at the below list to know some common issues that you may face during TP-Link Extender Setup:

  • Unable to access

  • Fails to update TP-Link repeater

  • TP-Link repeater not connecting to the router

  • is not working

  • Tplinkrepeater login webpage is not opening

  • Forgot the password for the Tplinkrepeater login

  • TP-Link repeater is not connecting to the internet

  • Your repeater is not showing in the WiFi list

  • TP-Link repeater configuration error

  • No signal light displayed on TP-Link repeater

  • Authentication error

  • Unable to connect with the TP-Link repeater

  • TP-Link repeater is not working

Why is Not Working?

Most of the time the users complain that when they are trying to access the default web address, then an error message will be displayed on their screen that is not working. There may be the below reasons for the occurrence of the issue:

  • Improper connections are established

  • Use of Outdated or corrupted firmware

  • Established loose connections

  • Use of faulty or broken Ethernet cables

  • Entered the wrong web address or misspelled the URL address

Unable to Access Tplinkrepeater Login Page? What to Do Next

There are most of the users that are facing the issue while logging into the webpage. If you are also facing issues while accessing the TP-Link Extender Setup then try the below troubleshooting tips to fix the issue:

  • Try to connect your WiFi-enabled device like computer, laptop, etc with the TP-Link repeater directly.

  • Prefer to use a wired connection over the wireless network as wired connections are more stable and reliable.

  • If you are unable to access the tplinkrepeater login webpage then try to access the extender by using the default IP address. You can easily find the TP-Link default IP from the DHCP client list.

  • Delete the DNS cache memory by launch the command prompt window and enter ipconfig/ flushdns in the given box.

  • Ensure that the default web address or IP address that you have entered is correct.

  • To access the TP-Link extender setup webpage, try to use or

  • Powercycle the whole wireless network including the computer, router, and modem.

How to Reset TP-Link WiFi Range Extender?

Most of the issues can be easily fixed by using the above-mentioned steps. In case, if you are unable to fix the issues associated with your repeater even after following the above steps then TP-Link repeater reset to the factory default settings can help you fix the issue. Here are the steps to reset by using a web-based utility method:

  • Open any web browser of your choice and enter in the address bar of the web browser. 

  • After that, log into the TP-Link Extender Setup webpage. 

  • To access the TP-Link modem setup webpage, enter the login credential details for your TP-link extender.

  • Go to the Advanced settings once you reached the TP-Link web interface. 

  • Thereafter, look for the reset option under the advanced menu.

  • Tap on the reset button for the soft reset. 

Guidelines to Update Firmware of TP-Link Repeater

Firmware is the software that is embedded in the hardware of the TP-Link repeater. It is responsible for the proper functioning of the repeater as it improves its security features. You should update the firmware whenever a new version is available to fix the bugs. Here are the steps that may help you in updating the firmware of the TP-Link repeater: 

  • Firstly, connect your device to the WiFi range extender.

  • After that, download the latest firmware for your repeater device from the official website.

  • Launch any internet browser of your choice from your computer. Visit to open the configuration page of the TP-Link repeater.

  • Go to the “System Tools” option.

  • In the next step, tap on the “Firmware Upgrade” to update the TP-Link repeater firmware.

  • Now, choose the firmware file that you have downloaded and tap on the “Upgrade” button.

  • Thereafter, the TP-Link repeater firmware will start upgrading. Make sure to do not turn off your repeater during the upgrading process. 

  • Once the TP-Link repeater upgrade process is completed, your device will start rebooting.


Make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection to access tplinkrepeater login through Sometimes, the loose connections might also create the issue. Cross-check all the established connections. Also, try another internet browser to access the tplinkrepeater login.

TP-Link repeater acts as the wireless booster that takes WiFi signals as input from the existing router and extends it to the larger area. It covers the dead spots presented in your area. With this device, you can enjoy the extended wireless network even outside your home.

TP-Link repeater devices come with the Tether app that enables the user to manage as well as control the home network. With this application, you can customize the repeater settings or configure the settings of the repeater. 

  • Do not use the same SSID for the TP-Link repeater and source repeater. Create a new SSID for both of them.
  • Check the internet speed by using the speed test to check whether the signal strength is good or not. 
  • Reposition the repeater three-meter range of the repeater during TP-Link Extender Setup. 
  • The signal status of the TP-Link repeater should be used for positioning the repeater device until poor LED signal bars go away and stable the LED light. 

Go through the below steps for changing the login password for your TP-Link repeater device:

  • Open a web browser from your device. 
  • Type in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Enter the login credential details for TP-Link repeater including username and password. 
  • Search for the option of changing the password for the login webpage. 
  • Enter a new login password.
  • At last, tap on the Save button.